Seminar on healthy footwear

During our seminar, you will learn everything in detail about the development of the feet, what the deviations may be and when something needs to be addressed and when everything can be corrected by natural development itself. We will go through in detail all the congenital and acquired defects of the feet, how they can heal themselves, what difficulties they may cause us, how to treat them and how to prevent them. How to deal with genetic predispositions not only in your children, but also in yourself. We will discuss in detail the selection of healthy shoes and how to actually know everything and how to assess which shoes are suitable for you and your children. After the seminar, there will be enough space for your questions.


Seminar duration: 2 hours always 18:00 - 20:00

Form: Online


After completing the seminar, you can also order a personal consultation, during which we will go through your diagnosis individually and focus on individual solutions to the problem and defects of your feet. Or buy our ebook "About healthy footwear", where you will find everything we talked about.

Seminar on healthy footwear

Kč590.00 Regular Price
Kč490.00Sale Price

- Detailed development of our feet

- Why defects occur at all

- How and when it is good to solve them

- How long does it take to rectify the defect

- How to fix defects

- How to choose healthy shoes

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