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SABINA RICH is a Czech brand founded by a young designer
and stylist Sabina Sádková (nee Boháčová) in 2019 in Prague.

Sabina graduated from a high school of textile crafts
and subsequently studied at the Faculty of Art and Design of Ladislav Sutnar
at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Already during her studies she started cooperating with the traditional Czech brand Snaha and became the main designer of the brand, thanks to which she got the opportunity to participate in designing shoes for successful Czech designers at their shows at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week (Petra Ptáčková, LaFormela). She is currently a member of the Czech Podiatric Society and deals not only with design, but also with foot health.

Based on her previous collaborations, she became an expert in healthy footwear, especially children's footwear, and therefore thanks to her artistic
and the creative soul has created its own collection of shoes designed for the little ones and their mothers named SABINA RICH.
The collection places great emphasis for healthy and high-quality footwear, therefore each shoe is complemented by a custom or basic orthopedic insole tailored to the typology of the foot. The main goal of the brand is the quality of workmanship, comfort and compliance with demands on health aspects.

'SABINA RICH shoes are not only your shared joy with someone loved,
but also of your healthy pleasure! '

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