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What makes our shoes healthier?

A specially sprung insole, which helps to distribute the weight of the foot evenly and absorbs shocks that otherwise lead us throughout the body. Furthermore, with a flexible, adaptable and yet breathable top made of double knitted fabric, and last but not least, a custom-made orthopedic insole.

What sizes do we produce? Will there be a men's collection?

We produce from size 22EU (approx. 1.5 years of age of the child) to size 31EU. We have women's sizes 36EU-41EU. Due to great interest, the men's collection will be added around the end of March 2019 and will be in sizes 41EU-46EU.

How long does it take to make custom insoles? Where is it made?

We will make insoles for you while you wait in our stone shop
(Kvartýr shop & studio - U Vodárny 1225/4, Prague 3) within 10 minutes.

Where are our sneakers made?

Our sneakers are made by hand in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with Czech leather suppliers, Czech manufacturers of orthopedic insoles and machines (intended for doctors and pharmacies), primecinites are patterned and manufactured directly in the Czech Republic from recycled plastics.

What are the insoles made of?

We produce insoles on special machines for the production of custom orthopedic insoles. First, we will make your footprints according to which we will determine the diagnosis. And then, based on the results, we make custom insoles.

What are our opening hours?

We are open Tuesday-Friday from 11:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00. However, it is best to order for a certain time.

How much do our shoes cost?

The price of children's models ranges between 1390, -CZK-1790, -CZK. It depends on the model and its complexity. In the same way, the price for women's models is between 3590, -CZK-3990, -CZK.

How best to get our sneakers?

The best option is to order the given model in your size and color, which you like, without obligation. Then we will send you an order confirmation, which takes approximately 14-16 days to stock. After stocking, you will come to try the ordered shoes and on that occasion we will make custom-made orthopedic insoles for you. All around 10 minutes.

How are we different from Barefoot?

Barefoot is now a big trend and is an imitation of walking barefoot. The sole is very thin, easily flexible and supple, the shoe does not grip the toe and leaves enough space. However, none of the extremes is correct. ČOKA (Czech Footwear and Leather Association) even warns against using barefoot in the city, and a wave of criminal reports for personal injury is gradually spreading from the USA ( -the-doctor-with-the-shoes-not-walk-barefoot-likes-more ). It is best to choose the golden mean. As a human being, we have never developed with such a hard surface as the concrete we walk on all day. Therefore, it needs to dampen the shocks that otherwise lead us through our whole body up to the cervical spine. It is important to pay attention to too wide a toe, at that moment the shoe does not hold our foot in place and there may be a shift and subsequent impact of the toes in the toe of the shoe. And last but not least, 80% of people have flat feet, which is just one of all the arch defects acquired, so most of us should start exercising our legs and wear orthopedic insoles.

So how are we different? Our shoes are worn alternately with a custom-made and without orthopedic insole, which helps us not only to heal the foot, but also to involve all the leg muscles alternately. Our soles are made of special foam and are always less than 2.5 cm. Our shoes are light and very flexible.

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